Locksmith and insurance: the user guide

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Locksmith and insurance: the user guide

There are cases where the locksmith’s troubleshooting can be covered by your home insurance. In general, these are options present in “high-end” insurance contracts. To find out if on the one hand, you are eligible and if the intervention requested is also, you must refer to your comprehensive home insurance contract to find out if this contract includes the “emergency home repair” guarantee.


Indeed, if you have it, this guarantee will cover part or all of your intervention whether it is following a key theft, loss of keys, a slammed door or a key stuck in the lock.


On the advice of your insurance, you can either go through the “approved insurance” locksmith recommended by the latter in order to benefit from a full refund or not to have to advance any costs, or call on another locksmith whose intervention will then be fully or partially covered under the emergency breakdown guarantee.


However, you should know that all this is not so simple and that it is essential to understand the procedures to follow in the event of an emergency response. You also need to know the steps to take to receive reimbursement indemnities as well as the different types of support carried out according to each situation.


What is an “insurance approved” locksmith?

An “insurance approved” locksmith is a locksmith with whom an insurance company has set up a partnership in order to reduce the number of interventions and therefore to reduce the amount of its compensation.


A licensed locksmith can also in some cases provide direct financial support by the insurer. It often happens that the interventions of our 24-7 Locksmith experts are fully covered by insurance.


However, as specified previously, the amount of the reimbursement is required to vary according to each insurance but also according to the nature of each intervention. It is therefore important for you to be well informed about the coverage offered by your insurance.


Warning! Know that almost systematically, even going through the locksmith recommended by your insurance, all the extras that you ask this locksmith, you will be billed separately. Worse still, some insurances can take these extras as an excuse for little or not to compensate you. This is why we advise you to be vigilant by acting in two stages: ask for the extra intervention after the compensation so as not to alter the study of your file by your insurer.

What should I know about insurance coverage?

The coverage of part or all of an intervention is subject to the goodwill of the home insurance according to several criteria, such as:


The legitimacy of the intervention (if it requires the movement of a locksmith and if it is beautiful and well-considered as an emergency repair)

The nature of the contract with the insurance (if the “emergency home assistance” guarantee is included in it)

The nature of the intervention (if it is one of the types of repairs supported, such as the loss or theft of keys, a slammed door, or damage to the key following a blockage in the lock)

The legal qualification (criminal or tort) of the event leads you to request the intervention of a locksmith

The cost of the intervention (since if it turns out to be too costly, part of it is likely to remain the responsibility of the customer)

It just so happens that Locksmith Tampa offers very attractive prices that can allow customers not to have too many costs at their expense and that for service as complete as possible.


On the other hand, it is now necessary to provide an explanation of the type of procedure to be initiated for insurance coverage, this varying according to the type of intervention carried out.


How does the care procedure take place depending on the type of intervention?

In the event of a loss of keys: If you lose your keys and you are not in possession of a duplicate, the first step to adopt will be to call a locksmith in order to be able to open your door and redo a set of keys. Once the intervention has been carried out, do not forget to check the conditions of application of your comprehensive home insurance contract. According to the terms stipulated in your contract, the locksmith will ask you for an advance of all or part of the costs for which you will receive a possible reimbursement later, or will send the invoice directly to your insurance without early payment from you. On the other hand, if your key ring bears your name or address, then the lock must be changed as soon as possible to avoid any risk of burglary.

In the case of key theft: If you are stolen, you must follow the same procedure as for the loss of keys except that you will also have to report the theft to the police station, which declaration you must absolutely give your insurer along with the invoice that will have been given to you following the intervention.

In the event of an attempted break-in and/or burglary in progress or completed: If you are led to undergo an attempted break-in or burglary, the first action to adopt in this case before even calling a locksmith or your insurance, will be to call in the police. Once these have arrived on-site, you can call on your insurance to initiate the support procedure detailed above. Warning: Following a burglary, you must not touch or alter the premises in any way in order to preserve the quality of the fingerprints and evidence taken by the police.

Important note: For all services following a malicious act or a crime, it is mandatory to file a complaint or file a handout at the nearest police station. You must then attach a copy of the handrail accompanying the invoice to your insurer. If you forget to send or do not respect the deadlines provided for in your insurance contract, there is a good chance that you will not be compensated! In general, even if this is not a rule, always prioritize security by first calling the police to provide protection against imminent danger, secondly the locksmith to secure the door. in order to exclude any possibility of opening your door by a burglar, then as the last step the


The payment facilities offered by All in one Locksmith

In the event that advancement of costs would be problematic for the customer, Locksmith offers under certain conditions to reduce the latter’s financial effort by providing payment facilities. Indeed, if you wish, we can take the imprint of your card and only debit the amount due once the reimbursement has been made by the insurance company. This of course subject to the assumption of the advance of costs by the latter.


Assistance and advice on the procedure to be adopted

If in doubt about the procedure to adopt if you experience such inconvenience, do not hesitate to call our switchboard, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our advisers will be able to tell you the right procedure to follow, specific to your case, and will also be able to help you out in an emergency in Tampa and the entire USA.

Visit our site: www.aiolocksmith.com

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