Cleaning office space – important information on the distribution of tasks and the legal situation

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Cleaning office space - important information on the distribution of tasks and the legal situation

The office is one of the company’s figureheads. It should look neat here. But who is responsible for which cleaning tasks? Find out here. In this article we read about office space cleaning:

Unmanageable stacks of paper, an overflowing garbage can, dust as far as the eye can see, and old coffee cups piled meters high – when the clutter in the office has taken over, work is only half as fun. Because who likes to work in the dirt? Probably nobody! It is much easier and more productive to work in a clean and well-tended office.

Office rooms in particular, where customers come and go, should always look tidy. In addition to the employee, the office is the company’s calling card. When there is a lot of disorder, it is often concluded that there is too much demand, a lack of competence, and problems in the company. In addition, the professionalism and quality of the employee are called into question. Of course, none of this has to be the case if everyone ensures that the office is kept in perfect condition. But who is responsible for which tasks? Can the employer pass everything on to his employees to save costs?

Court ruling on the cleaning of office space

According to a court ruling by the Rhineland-Palatinate State Labor Court in Mainz, employees have the right to have their offices cleaned regularly. The reasoning for the judgment states that the employer has a special duty to protect the employee. Therefore, he has to take care of the employees’ health, which includes cleaning the office because a significant lack of hygiene can cause damage to health.

What an employer is not allowed to do

To save money, many employers would now prefer to have their employees do the cleaning work. But that’s not possible just like that. Because according to the management law, only work of equal value (as stipulated in writing in the employment contract) may be assigned.

The employer can now lend a hand to the office cleaning himself, hire a cleaner. Or hand over the task to a professional office cleaning service. Tip: Tiger Facility Services mediates throughout Pakistan. The company only employs trained staff and offers each customer a tailor-made cleaning concept specifically tailored to their premises and needs.

Workers have to keep order

Just because the employer is responsible for cleanliness in the office doesn’t mean that the employees can now leave everything in the office. For the desktop clutter, each employee is responsible. Especially when customers frequently use the office, there should be a certain basic order on the desk. If only because in an emergency due to illness, vacation, or the like, colleagues also have to find certain files, appointments, and letters. The workflow in everyday life should not be impaired under any circumstances.

To avoid much paper chaos on the desk, files should be cleared away immediately after processing. Coffee cups, plates, etc., can be taken away after work and placed in the sink when passing the office kitchen.

By the way: The table at which customers are supposed to sit down should also look inviting. The files don’t belong there just because there is no more room for them on the desk. Instead, a couple of nice glasses, a bowl of biscuits, and a water bottle look a lot more appealing.

Scope of cleaning work

Whether you take over the cleaning yourself or outsource it, the following areas must be done in a corresponding period.

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