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Insurance coverage, fuel regulations, additional costs: What should you pay attention to when booking a rental car, and how can you safely avoid cost traps? We give the most important tips and point out pitfalls related to booking rental cars.

Book a rental car: Ensure adequately

Especially for holiday travelers, it is important to choose comprehensive insurance cover from liability, fully comprehensive, and theft insurance when booking. However: The experts from the comparison portal check24 advise against offers with excess in any case. Because: Insurance without a deductible is usually only slightly more expensive; however, if an accident occurs, there are no costs. By the way: The coverage of the liability insurance should be at least one million $. This is particularly important when renting in any country because the statutory minimum coverage is just 20,000 US dollars.

Book a rental car: No unnecessary upgrades

However, even if you have adequate insurance, you shouldn’t let the landlords inflict unnecessary additional upgrades on you. Do not allow yourself to be harassed and remain petty in some things. Because: Some landlords note vehicle upgrades or other additional services such as a breakdown service in the contract – but without informing the tenant about them. Customers accept these services and pay for them when they sign the rental agreement.

Book a rental car: fuel regulation

It repeatedly happens that holidaymakers in the southern countries have to pay large amounts for the first tank filling at the landlord, for example, due to the unfavorable “full/empty” tank regulation for the tenant to return the empty scales at the end. Another disadvantage: the tenant gives away the remaining gasoline in the tank. The “full” tank rule is, therefore, more advantageous. Then, the car is brought back with a full fuel tank; the tenant does not pay unnecessarily but does not give anything away either. Attention: A refill by the landlord can cost up to three times the normal petrol price. Therefore, keeping the fuel receipt for safety makes sense and taking a picture of the fuel gauge.

Book a rental car: rental time

The rule of thumb is: A rental day always lasts 24 hours. In other words: If the rental car is picked up at 10 a.m. and returned the next day at 12 p.m., the client must also reward in full for the day that has started. That is why experts recommend booking a rental car at the hour you need it and, if possible, choosing the drop-off time about an hour earlier than a pick-up.

Book a rental car: airport station vs. shuttle service

Some providers do not have their stations directly at the airport but offer a shuttle to the rental stations about five to ten minutes away by car. These rental companies are usually a little cheaper when you pick them up at the airport. However, this is always a bit more complicated than picking up the rental car directly on site.

Book a rental car: time of reservation

The basic rule is: Shortly before the desired rental date, the prices will not get cheaper. Therefore, those who can plan should do so – experts advise about three to four months in advance. Unfortunately, the prices also vary with the seasons: while in the USA the level is relatively constant all year round, in the Mediterranean region, for example, you pay a lot over the holidays and during the holiday season.

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